Charles Anzier never planned or wanted to be the next Emperor of the Anzier Empire. It was always expected that his sister would assume the role of Empress once she came of age. Her sudden disappearance meant that by the rules of succession Charles would have to take her place. While no one questioned his aptitude for leadership, it was clear to the citizenry that he would only fulfill his role out of obligation. He had no true interest in ruling, and his passion in life was reserved for his never-ending search for his sister.

No one could've ever predicted, however, that not only would he abandon his responsibilities, but become the imperials' chief antagonist. No one knows for sure what caused the rift between Charles and his father, Emperor Duran, but he has since amassed a formidable army which regularly stages attacks against the Empire's facilities and resources.

When Charles defected, a number of soldiers and other military personnel rallied behind him, and thus was A.R.M.S. - the Anzier Reformation Military Squadron - formed.

Charles's rebellion is a source of much confusion for the people of the Empire, as even when he is at his most aggressive, he takes great care not to cause any civilian casualties. According to official statements released from his representatives, Charles now plans to take the throne as Emperor, but by deposing his father as opposed to the normal rules of succession. The world watches, hoping to catch a glimpse into the Prince's motivations, those that would lead him to walking such a difficult path.