Age: 13

Race: Elemental (Fire-Blessed)

Affiliation: Nemesis

Status: Initiate

Specialty: Pyrokinesis

Blaze grew up as a member of the Clan of the Flame, one of the so-called "Fire-Blessed" - those who have been imbued with Agni's power. It is unknown what circumstances caused him to leave his tribe and begin a streak of random violence and vandalism. His actions come at the behest of Nazarus, who for unknown reasons he refers to as "big brother". Like a lit match in a room full of crude oil, Blaze is extremely dangerous - quick to react violently to anything he perceives as a threat.

Blaze openly carries explosives and other incendiary weapons, because although he can control fire, he cannot conjure it. For one so young and not a natural-born elemental, his mastery and control of the flame is remarkable. He is capable of executing fire-property melee attacks, conducting flames into a firestorm, or even summoning a fire djinn to his aid...