For select story arcs, medium length chapters books will be written as another way of telling the stories of the AWD continuum. The books will each feature limited illustrations and mini-comics to enhance the experience.


The books will be written in a unique interactive format. The front half of the book will tell the story from the general perspective of the protagonists, chapter by chapter. The rear half of the book, readable by flipping the book upside down, will tell the story from the perspective of the antagonists. The two halves will have coinciding chapters, i.e. the events of the protagonist and antagonist chapters will be taking place at the same time.

By using this dual-perspective, the relativism of the conflict can be shown. In the AWD continuum there are no black and white depictions of good vs. evil, no clear cut heroes and villains. The so-called "villains" will be humanized, rather than cast simply as malevolent. Readers will have the choice of reading the Knights and Nemesis chapters alternately (recommended), or reading one half of the book first, followed by the other. They can also always just choose to read only one half or the other.