Age: 24

Race: Human

Affiliation: A.R.M.S.

Status: Leader

Specialties: Close-Quarters Combat, Master Swordsmanship, Military Tactics

Charles is the prince of the Anzier Empire, heir apparent to the throne. For some reason, however, he abandoned his claim and has become a rebel going against the government. He is the Empire's most wanted fugitive, known for his violent anarchist tendencies. He has been accused of making attempts on the life of Emperor Duran, and most recently the kidnapping of his mother, Empress Heral. He is said to have established a rival government to contest the current imperial hierarchy. To that avail he is constantly staging attacks against military facilities, both to usurp resources, and to effectively disarm his enemies.

Charles is what some people refer to as a "complete soldier". With Halteclere - one of a pair of legendary heritage swords of Anzier - he is lightning quick and deceptively strong in close-combat. By using a variety of munitions, such as grenades, timed explosives, and traps, he is also a field-ops expert able to take on an entire squadron of opponents single-handedly. Lastly, in spite of his sometimes impulsive nature, he is a brilliant military strategist, able to turn even a hopeless situation into a victory.