The Church of Zoroa is the predominant religious authority on Planet M. It consists of a global network of hundreds of places of worship and holy sites, thousands of clergymen, and millions of followers. Within the church there many different views, but the general consensus is that Magistrate Zoroa of Windgrace, an incarnation of divinity, was the savior who freed humanity from Harken oppression, and that he is the undisputed leader of all mankind.

Church affairs are conducted by a 12-person council, elected from within, the members of which are known as Prelates. The Prelates are seen by followers as both political and religious authorities, and over thousands of years have come to be quite influential, altering and shaping public policy, or even overseeing the appointment of state officials in various nations. The Church's power base is particularly strong in the Anzier Empire, where although rule is passed down through the royal family, the heir apparent must be approved unanimously by the church.

Officially, the Prelates answer to the supreme authority of Zoroa himself, but there are many different interpretations on how directly involved the magistrate is in church government, corresponding to the varying religious views within the church. This is because with the exception of a select few, no one has actually seen Zoroa for thousands of years - that is, if he ever existed in the flesh at all.

In the earlier days of the Church, special envoys known as Knights of the Peace, spread the word of Zoroa and ensured human prosperity through military action. Today the name has become metaphorical, with the Knights of the Peace fighting for the welfare of humankind by way of their ideals. To that avail, they are actively involved in the political sphere, as well as committing to charitable acts worldwide.