Digitalis is a covert organization from Yggdrasil, whose stated purpose is to monitor and control the expansion of human civilization. It is made up of mostly Elves and Sylvan, although there are also a surprising number of Humans - those who fear that the rise of technology is destroying the natural world.

Although there is no proof, rumors have circulated that the group was formed as part of a Non-Human Proliferation Treaty (NPT), signed by many who feared the consequences of human expansion - but most significantly - Magistrate Zoroa of Windgrace. The Church of Zoroa denies that this treaty even exists, let alone that the very founder of human civilization would ever attempt to stifle its growth.

Digitalis, for all intents and purposes, is a group of spies, sleepers, and at their worst - assassins. For obvious reasons their roster is kept a secret - even from the general populous in Yggdrasil. Their numbers and where they currently operate are also unknown. Their existence has caused quite a bit of controversy, and as a result many Elves and Sylvan are subjected to harassment out of fear that they may be members.