In each of the lands where the Elementals settled, the people who did not fear them inevitably came to worship them, and in time they formed their own clans, composed of their own children and devoted followers. These broods, whether blood-born or blessed by the Elementals’ powers, are adept in the use of ether to protect their masters and one another, or to seek out and destroy those who have been marked as enemies.

Agni’s followers - the Atar tribe - also known as the “Clan of the Flame”, settled in the volcanic plains north of Laconia. Undine’s followers - the Naiad tribe - also known as the “Clan of the Sea”, live in an underwater city between Laconia and Anzier. Marica’s followers - the Fauna tribe - also known as the “Clan of Earth”, are said to live deep underground, beneath the sands of Nazca. Fujin’s people - the Zephyr tribe - also known as the “Clan of the Wind”, settled the peak of Planet M’s highest mountain at the center of the Sea of Ruin.

Indra’s followers - the Maruts - also known as the “Clan of Lightning”, live high atop the mountains in the Wing Republic. Senecka’s followers - the Kou - also known as the “Clan of Silence”, live in the forests just south of Anzier. Hemera’s followers - the Luminas - also known as the “Clan of Light”, live near the south pole, in the one place always touched by the sun. Nyx’s clan - the Keres tribe - live near the north pole in the one place which Planet M’s rotation perpetually hides from the sun.