The Knights Foundation is a non-government organization started 75 years ago by a group of private investors who were dedicated to the advancement of civilization through research, technology, philanthropy, and education. It is recognized as an autonomous institution under international law.

The Academy

The foundation's main branch is the Knights Academy, an elite institution established to train young people in academics and combat. Students enter as Cadets, then after four years can be promoted to Knights. In their post-graduate years, they can become instructors at the academy or train to be part of the elite class, known as the Knight-Savants. While in the academy, Knights and Cadets study the arts and sciences, and are also assigned a variety of missions, ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance to direct encounters with various threats. Only a few years after its founding, it became renowned all across Planet M as a prestigious and honorable school. Because of this, it may refuse any jobs that go against its principles of courage, justice, and integrity.

The Houses

The academy is divided into 10 houses, each with its own area of expertise. Based on the results of their entrance examinations, students are placed in houses which the administration feels will nurture their natural talents. Each house has an emblem carved in the likeness of its representative animal.

  • Wolf - Well-Rounded/Team-Oriented; field operations & leadership training

  • Fox - Silent/Cunning; stealth operations

  • Stallion - Independent/Versatile; balance between academics and combat

  • Bear - Raw Power/Determination; close combat & frontline operations

  • Tiger - Strong/Agile; martial arts & battle tactics

  • Jaguar - Aggressive/Relentless; first-strike and infiltration

  • Owl - Brilliant/Calculating; science & magic

  • Eagle - All-seeing/Well-traveled; surveillance & intelligence operations

  • Dolphin - Social/Peaceful; communication, diplomacy, and mediation

  • Turtle - Vitality/Healthiness; defensive & restorative skills

The Knight Corps

The second branch of the foundation is the Knight Corps, a private military company which hires out highly skilled personnel to various states, companies, and individuals. They are dedicated to protecting those who cannot protect themselves and rooting out rotten elements throughout the world. Still, the Corps is not without its critics. Some people feel that the Knights are merely a secret division in the army of the Laconian Federation, where the foundation headquarters is located. As a result, despite their excellent work worldwide, Knights are not always welcomed with open arms...