The Anzier Empire is the oldest and longest lasting monarchy on Planet M, its sense of pride and tradition somehow preserved despite the radical political changes visible in surrounding nations. The people of Anzier are fiercely devoted to the royal family, and seem to be completely comfortable with the succession of power from generation to generation. Amazingly, the Anzier family has yet to produce even one tyrannical or misguided leader, every Emperor and Empress abiding by a philosophy of "people first" - placing the needs of the citizenry above their own. Even more surprisingly, the laws of Anzier do not provide compensation or accomodations to the royal family, as it is believed that mandated wealth and property would create corruption. Instead, the affluence of the imperials comes entirely from donations from the people, rewards for their wise and benevolent leadership.

It came as a complete shock to the people and the rest of the world when the crown princess, who was scheduled to take the throne within the next 10 years, suddenly disappeared without a trace. The whole nation mourned as she was officially declared dead in the following months. Matters took a drastic turn for the worst when Prince Charles Anzier gave up his claim to the throne and initiated a move to overthrow his father, Emperor Duran. While the majority of the people continue to support Duran, there are a few that question his stability in wake of losing both of his children - and heirs to the throne. For the first time ever, it is possible that the succession will not occur, placing a long history of honor and tradition in jeopardy.

The Anzier Imperial Army, overseen by Emperor Duran, but led by General Kanehiro, has become more present in the people's everyday life, as they try to sustain the sense of order and peace for which Empire has been so renowned. Their greatest threats come from Charles's Reformation Army, and the Mercentiles of the Wing Republic to the east.