Bishops. Political Power Brokers. Weapons Merchants. Fanatics. Assassins. Or figments of overactive imaginations. Depending on your perspective, the Inquisitors could be defined as any of the above. Public opinion is divided on whether or not they even exist.

Several hundred years ago, the "Inquisitors" were a group of radicals within the Church of Zoroa, who resorted to more extreme measures in order fulfill the primary mission of the church - to preserve humanity's sovereignty. To that avail they were implicated in a number of atrocities, such as political manipulation, sabotage, assassinations, and mass murder.

When their methods were discovered, the Inquisitors were excommunicated, but according to legend and conspiracy theories, they did not disband. Those who believe claim that the Inquisitors have continued to exercise power behind the scenes up to the present day. If they do still exist, then their identities would have changed several times, the unholy tradition passed on from one generation to the next. Those who claim to have seen them say that they wear ghastly masks to conceal their identities. Whether urban legend or reality, the Inquisitors are preceded by their reputation as one of the most fearsome organizations ever created...