Age: 15

Race: Elf

Affiliation: Knights Academy


Status: 4th Year Cadet

Specialty: Holy Magic

Jessica is an aspiring priestess from “a land to the far east” who came west on a journey in search of her older sister, who disappeared when she was a child. Several years passed with no success. After witnessing the bravery of the Knights during one of their rescue missions, she was inspired to devote her powers to helping people like they did.

She put her personal quest on hold and joined the Knights Academy, soon becoming one of their most prominent medics, due to her natural healing abilities. Perhaps it was fate that brought her to the Knights, because soon afterwards she learned that her sister - Sasha - was in league with their foremost enemy, Nazarus. This discovery has only doubled her dedication to the Academy and its cause, and while her main drive is to aid people in need, Jessica hopes that she and Sasha's paths will cross, even if it means as enemies.

Jessica is highly skilled in the use of healing and support techniques, a rare practitioner of so-called Holy Magic. As it is not something taught at the Knights Academy, few people have raised questions about her origins. Although still only a cadet, she is sometimes called upon for Knight-level missions if there is a high probability of casualties.