Age: 19

Race: Human

Affiliation: Nemesis

Status: Lead Mechanic

Specialty: Mechanical Engineering

Jet was once student at the Knights Academy, a promising student of engineering. He had a major crush on Lilith Capra all through their years as cadets. Her rejection of his affection, however, made him go from loving her to hating her. If that wasn’t bad enough, Lilith also had the “annoying habit” of outdoing him in everything the two strived to achieve. Now he wants to be known as the foremost engineer in the world to show her what she lost in rejecting him, and to prove his worth to the world. When Nazarus betrayed the academy, Jet participated in the plot, and afterwards became a member of Nemesis...

Jet's knowledge of machinery is great, rivalling even Lilith, but his unique skill is using things other people regard as junk to build devices that are just as effective as the more conventional designs. Sometimes he experiments with ill-advised methods, and builds things that become unstable or explode. Jet is also quite infamous for his high-pitched squeal, which can be heard both when he completes a project successfully, or when one blows up in his face. In either case he will claim that the outcome was exactly what he intended.

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