Age: 18

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: EAGLE

Status: 3rd Year Knight

Specialties: Investigating, Hacking, Dancing, Spirit Magic

Jordan is easy-going, perky to the point of being almost hyper, and an avid socialite. She is the consummate people-person, able to mix in with large and diverse groups of people, and find something in common or grounds for discussion with just about anyone. She is by far the busiest girl at the academy, juggling numerous responsibilities in addition to her studies. She writes an editorial column that appears in several papers throughout Laconia, and manages a website dedicated to "spreading truth".

A self-styled “conscious” person, she sometimes aggressively, and annoyingly, pushes her ideals or urges people to "take action" for one cause or another. In what little spare time she has, she is a frequent patron of night clubs, often seen either spinning vinyl or spinning on her head. She has a passionate love for music, and a natural talent for dancing, which she incorporates into her own unique fighting style when it comes time to fight alongside the other Knights in the field...

Jordan has what's called a "natural rhythm" which has enabled her to learn countless different dancing styles by either watching others or by letting the music "speak to her". In her special form of martial arts, her dancing coaxes the energies inside and outside her body into motion. This allows her to push herself well beyond her normal physical and mental limitations or to affect people and objects in the surrounding environment. Her movements are so fluid and graceful that she makes the beating of opponents look like a performance.