Age: 19

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: BEAR

Status: 4th Year Knight

Specialties: Close-Quarters Combat, Dual-Revolver Mastery

Justice Ancel is one of the most well-known and most revered knights at the Academy. She has grown much since her years as a tomboy cadet, and come into her own as both a woman and an agent. Although she has the eye of practically every male Knight at the Academy, she has their respect first, something that only took her only a few of their broken noses and dislocated joints to earn. Witty, charismatic, and composed in any situation, she is a natural leader both in the social atmosphere and in the field.

Justice is a real force in close-combat, able to subdue, disable, or knock out most opponents in under five seconds with punishing blows or devastating wrestling moves. In her years training as a Knight, she has also incorporated the use of twin revolvers - Thunder and Lightning - making her equally dangerous from long range.