Age: 45

Race: Human

Affiliation: Anzier Imperials

Status: Supreme Military Commander

Specialty: All Major Sword Disciplines, Spirit Invocation

Kanehiro is the blade-wielding right hand of Anzier's Emperor Duran, reputed as the foremost swordsman in the country, if not the world. After proving himself as the commander of Anzier forces during the Etherium Wars, he was granted supreme command of the Anzier Military. His current main objective is to track down and capture his former protege - Prince Charles - and put an end to the resistance...

Kanehiro has what is called a "coast-to-coast" mastery of the sword, having trained thoroughly in eastern, western, northern, and southern disciplines during many years of traveling. It is said that no one can even follow the speed of his strokes or repel the power of his blows. If his normal physical abilities weren't enough, he has also learned to invoke lesser spirits into his sword, bolstering his attacks with a number of secondary effects. There is even a rumor that by using this power during a critical strike, he is able to rend his opponent's soul, or tear it from completely from their body.