Ever since the small individual states of the Laconian archipelago were united under the rule of one president, the newly formed nation immediately poured its resources into the creation of a powerful military. As the technological revolution saw the invention of greater quantities of more deadly weapons, the Laconian Federation took its position as a major world power. With the highest ratio of civilians to soldiers, and a mandatory three years of service for every able-bodied citizen, the Federation is always prepared to defend their territory or to enforce their sense of justice upon outsiders. There's only one catch - no men allowed. The Laconian military is the only one in the world with all female enlistment.

While direct command of the military falls to Laconian president Illyana Martel, she often delegates deployment authority to her most decorated general, Eva Fatali. Because of the country's formidable army, the people of Laconia enjoy a unique sense of freedom and prosperity, nested carefully beneath the umbrella of so-called benevolent dictatorship.