Age: 17

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: OWL

Status: 2nd Year Knight

Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, Automata Combat

Lilith is an expert engineer, specializing in vehicles and combat automata. Building, fixing, or refining machines is pretty much all she does, at the expense of any attempts at a social life. As her mind is always split between at least 3 different trains of thought, she comes across as eccentric, distant, and even involuntarily dismissive - known to walk away from a person in the middle of a conversation. She finds all the frivolity of the average personís everyday life to be bothersome and stressful and retreats from any drama before it starts in the comfort of her workshop. Some students like to joke around and say she's actually a machine herself created by her grandfather...

Like her grandfather, Lilith has a profound aptitude for engineering. She knows how to get her hands dirty working with heavy machines, and how to handle the more precise technical details like hardware and circuitry. Some people say that Lilith only has to look at a machine for a few seconds to understand how it was built, after which she can figure out how to take it apart or put it back together. In combat situations, she employs the use of several different battle automata to fight in her stead, although she has also been known to use her compound specialty wrench to deliver a few lumps when necessary.