In the AWD Universe, "magic" refers to any ability to alter, manipulate, or influence energy and/or matter by supernatural methods. The techniques involved do not necessarily rely upon or adhere to the normal physical laws of the world. Magic relies upon the principles of chaos and probability, which makes it a dangerous and often unstable practice, but also extremely powerful. Unlike science and technology, which involve strictly learned disciplines, the use of magic often requires an innate ability. The following is a list of the different specializations of magic that have evolved throughout Planet M's history.

Elemental Magic
Elemental magic is the manipulation of the eight classical elements - fire, water, earth, air, electricity, sound, light, and dark. This class of magic is almost exclusive to the race of beings known as elementals and their natural-born or blood-bonded kin. There are other disciplines - both magical and scientific - that can simulate elemental magic.

Alchemy is a sort of combination of magic and science which revolves around the principle of transmutation - changing objects from one form to another. Perhaps the most unpredictable class of magic, alchemy requires years and years of intense study before even the more basic techniques can be attempted. While many of its underlying principles can be explained by chemistry and physics, it often crosses the line into the supernatural, where the natural laws break down and there are no solid explanations for its results. Alchemy also, more than any other discipline, relies on the use of supplementary objects, such as special ingredients or talismans. It is also the "jack of all magics", incorporating many of the techniques from other magic arts.

Arcane Magic
Arcane magic is the yin to alchemy's yang, arts born in defiance of science. Arcane magic involves the art of transmogrification, which while very similar to transmutation, does not adhere to any of the physical laws, and the results are all but unpredictable outside the hands of a true master. The chief limitation of alchemy - to transmute a living thing - does not exist in arcane magic, as it primarily deals with hexes, curses, and gross manipulation of the flesh and spirit.

Evocation involves the creation of a "contract" between the practitioner and beings from the Dreaming. Through the use of their own lifeforce - often with blood as the medium - summoners can call these spirits into the Material Plane and bring them "into the flesh". Beings from the Dreaming have no true physical forms, and so the shapes they take on when they are summoned depends upon the mind and personality of the summoner. The most skilled practitioners can even directly control what form their creatures take.

Invocation is another form of summoning magic. Instead of merely giving summoned spirits a separate body, practitioners bring them into their own bodies. The result is a combined entity sharing a symbiotic consciousness. Invocation can be extremely dangerous if the will of the summoner is weaker than that of the spirit. These situations, or cases where a spirit is placed into the body of a person against their will, are known as possessions. When performed properly, the practioner can gain the knowledge and abilities of their companion spirit, as well other new supernatural abilities resulting from the compound soul.

Natural Magic
Natural magic involves a practitioner attuning her mind to the "rhythm" of other living organisms, to petition them for aid, or to bend them to her will. Manipulating the movement of vines or other plants, drawing out substances, and calling animals are just some of the many powers of a natural magician. Although there are overlaps between natural magic and the powers of elementals controlling earth or water, mastery over nature is truly the natural magician's domain. The most accomplished practitioners are even said to be able to control the actions of sentient beings.

Glyph Magic
Glyph magic is one of the most mysterious in the world, as the source of its power is not completely understood. It is said that at the beginning of time there was an original "prima language" that all things - living or non-living - innately understood. Religious people believe that it is the language of the gods which brought all things into existence. The primary theory is that glyphs are ancient characters from this prima language. By gesturing these ancient symbols in the air or enscribing them on surfaces, the practioner "speaks" to the very nature of an object to bring about a great variety of effects.

Spirit Magic
Spiritual magic involves the manipulation of chi and ki, and is most often associated with various martial arts disciplines. The use of these two forces is seen by many as more of a mental discipline, but as there aren't yet any solid scientific explanations for the techniques, they remain classified as magic. Using chi refers to manipulating the internal flow of energy to enhance the body or mind of the practitioner, while Ki refers to releasing those internal energies to affect the external world.

Psionics refers both to abilities of heightened perception, such as mind-reading, mind-control, and telepathy, or psychokinesis - the moving or altering external phenomena using only the mind. Unlike other forms of "magic", psionics cannot be learned at all, and comes from pure natural ability. Because of its near limitless applications and the inability of non-practitioners to defend against its effects, psionics is seen as one of the most powerful forms of magic in the world. There are only two people in the world today known to have psionic abilities. The first is Zoroa, Holy Magistrate of Windgrace. The second is Nazarus, once-legendary Knight turned most wanted criminal.

Holy Magic
It is said that of the many different types of energy flowing throughout the world, one is divine, or the energy of the gods. It is said that every object in the universe, including living things, contains a "divine spark", which when ignited can bring out the true potential. Holy Magic is one of the rarest kinds of magic, the only known practitioners being the Phaedrians of ancient times. In modern times, the handful of people who use divine magic are those taught directly by Magistrate Zoroa of Windgrace. Because of his benevolent nature, the vast majority of holy magic involves restorative and enhancement techniques.

Resonance Magic
Everything in the world - objects, people, animals - has an internal "resonance", an energy signature that determines their makeup, their identity, and their relationship to the external world. Resonance magic is an art which uses the power of sound to influence these internal signatures to bring about a variety of effects. The results can be destructive, such as shattering stone by disrupting its structural integrity, or restorative such as healing wounds by nurturing the spirit's will to survive. Some people regard resonance magic as more of a science, since the known techniques yield consistent results. However, because many of its wide-ranging effects have yet to be explained or duplicated, it remains classified as magic.

Divination is a passive form of magic used to glean valuable information on various things in the environment. Practitioners may examine the properties and behaviors of bits of earth, flames, bones, leaves, stones, and many other materials, to determine the past, current, or future state of people, places, or objects. Since many people who claim to be diviners are frauds, the art has become stigmatized as illegitimate, but true masters prove to be frighteningly accurate in their assessments. Diviners serve in many different capacties, such as doctors, psychologists, and trackers.