When the Wing Republic seceded from the Anzier Empire, several rules were put into place to ensure peace between the two nations. In exchange for peaceful recognition of their independence, the leaders of the fledgling merchant nation agreed not to employ a full-time military. Should they ever be attacked from outside, the Anzier Empire would immediately deploy their own army to eliminate the threat. It was a landmark agreement, but one that would not endure completely. After many power shifts and periods of in-fighting amongst particularly greedy lords, many felt the need to acquire military power to protect their interests. A loophole in the demilitarization agreement allowed for the hiring of outside contractors - mercenaries - who would only work temporarily.

As mercenaries were mostly self-interested and lacked any sense of loyalty to any person or cause, it came as a surprise when a large group of them became incorporated. Known as the "Mercentiles", these soldiers-for-hire comprise a uncomfortably large military force which will serve the needs of any merchant willing to pay their high fees. As they are very strict in their recruiting procedures, the Mercentiles are made up of the strongest and most well-trained mercenaries on the eastern continent. So far, they have kept their operations within the borders of the Wing Republic, and seem at least somewhat loyal to the Council of Merchants.

Since they are not officially sanctioned by the government, their existence does not violate the Wing-Anzier treaty, although there are constant negotiations from both sides as to how much freedom they can have. A large division of Mercentiles police the Wing-Anzier border, and several times minor skirmishes have broken out between them and the Imperial Border Guard. Most of these conflicts were resolved immediately, but as the Mercentiles act with increasing autonomy, they present a threat to a long-standing peace between the two nations...