Age: 36

Race: Human

Affiliation: Nemesis

Status: Messiah

Specialties: Broken Rhythm, Spirit Magic, Holy Magic, Psionics

Nazarus is the single most accomplished knight to ever come out of the Knights Academy, possessing enormous physical strength and a prodigious intellect. He became a household name across Planet M for his role in the Etherium Wars, as it was he who united the warring factions against their common enemy - the abomination, Ziasetht. He later became a leading field instructor, renowned for his hands-on approach to teaching, and for pushing students towards their maximum potential.

During one field exam, however, he betrayed his students in order to seek a new path in life. This incident, known as the Black Atom Disaster, resulted in many knights and cadets being injured or killed, and remains a dark stain on the history of the Academy.

Now the leader of a world-influential terrorist organization known as Nemesis, he is said to be attempting to take over the world. But there is far more to his story than anyone knows. For those who follow him, he is a hero without equal, and represents the dreams of an entire civilization. Only time will tell whether he will lead that civilization to prosperity or absolute ruin...

Nazarus is a master of a self-taught technique called Broken Rhythm, combining short and long range maneuvers with his unusual segmented sword, "Chaos Law". He rounds out his fearsome combat abilities with a mastery of spirit and holy magics, making him a force to be reckoned with in any battle situation.