Age: 16

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: OWL

Status: 1st Year Knight

Specialty: Computer Programming, Hacking, Sabotage

In his four years at the Academy, Petro has come out of the shadow of his famous sisters, Jolie and Justice, and made a name for himself as a computer programming prodigy. Severely injured in the accident that killed his parents, Petro had to go through years of intense and experimental surgery, replacing most of his spinal column, left arm and leg with cybernetics and providing him with a protective exoframe to prevent any further injury.

The first several years were difficult, but as a teenager he has become well-adjusted to the social atmosphere of the Academy, taking after Justice in his ability to network and make friends quickly. Although his greatest asset is his mind, providing counsel or hands-on technological expertise, his Vulcan exoframe makes him a real terror on the battlefield as well.

Petro is an expert at programming, reprogramming, hacking, or sabotaging almost anything that operates on machine language. Using his Vulcan exoframe, he can interface with machines directly, enabling him unparalleled processing speed. In battle, he assimilates and combines aspects of his teammates abilities in real time to create an eclectic fighting style using ranged weapons built into the exoframe and various close combat maneuvers. Through a direct wetware link causes the exoframe to respond as quickly and fluidly to his mental commands as his own body would, ensuring that he doesn't miss a step during field operations.