Age: 30

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: STALLION­­¬

Status: Knight Commander

Specialties: Master Swordsmanship, Elemental Kinetics

Raine is a tenth year Knight-Savant, and the Advanced Swordmanship instructor at the academy. It is said that her skill with blades is second to none, that even Nazarus can only duel her to a draw. Being the hands-on type, Raine likes to teach by demonstration and lead by example. It is common for her to join the cadets and younger knights during field operations to show that she’s willing to get her hands dirty and put her life on the line.

In addition to her complete mastery of the long sword, Raine applies a basic understanding of elemental magic to her technique. By imbuing her blade with different elements, she can unleash them during her strokes for incredible effects such as burning an enemy on contact or scattering a group with a localized whirlwind.