The Renazent Corporation is a multinational conglomerate founded by Magnus Domini, an enigmatic billionaire and bioarchaeologist. The company experienced a sudden surge of wealth when they acquired a monopoly over the excavation of ancient Phaedrian relics, most of which are worth millions of credits...

Renazent emerged as a major player in the world economy around the time of the Etherium Wars. The international community is split when it comes to the corporation's involvement, half believing that they were behind Malaga's sudden emergence as a world power. The other half dismisses those claims, pointing out the enormous good the corporation has done for society through their dedication to "the advancement of mankind".

Since its founding, Renazent has greatly expanded its operations to include mass media, telecommunications, food production, and energy, making it one of the most powerful business entities on the planet. The Corporation's detractors claim that its influence runs deeply beneath the political infrastructures of several nations today, essentially giving it influence over world policy.