As Malaga attempted to rebuild in the aftermath of the Etherium Wars, the distribution of resources became even more unbalanced, reinforcing a two-tier economy in which the bottom half felt the greatest economic strain. In honor of the dead who had sacrificed their lives against Ziasetht, and against tyranny, and for the land they felt had been lost to corruption, the scarce remnants of the Liberation Army formed a new organization – Requiem for Malaga.

The RFM fight on three fronts - first against extremist factions amongst the lower class who forego all attempts at democracy and launch attacks against the upper class elite. These attacks, almost always ineffective, only serve as justification for the king’s military to “stamp out the resistance”. Requiem is then forced to fight against military as well for the sake of the innocent people caught in the middle.

The third front is against the Laconian Federation and other independent factions who come to pillage the surface ruins, and who seek to gain access to Malaga proper and its cache of life-sustaining technology. They see Laconians as opportunists, aiding the lower class in their resistance to Taros's economic policies when it served their own interests, but withdrawing once it became clear that they had nothing to gain. Although they are conceivably protecting Renazent Corporation interests from prying eyes, Requiem refuses to allow an imperialist nation like Laconia to get their hands on their technology. In essence, they are wedged in from top and bottom by their enemies, making combat a part of their daily lives.