The Steel Barons are a nomadic steampunk tribe; they consist mostly of people outcast from society, exiled from their homelands, or on the run from government authorities. Since Steel Barons come from all over the world and all walks of life, they’ve established quite an eclectic culture.

The Barons are best known for being expert junkers, and make their living salvaging machine wreckage from around the world and crafting new works. They also serve as the exclusive couriers for the Trade Guild Network, a lucrative partnership that grants them an inside view on the shifts in supply and demand throughout the world.

The Steel Barons spend most of their time in the skies aboard massive steam driven airships large enough to accommodate thousands or manning single-engine propeller plaines. The Barons have a negative reputation amongst the general populous, being regarded as scavengers and pirates. While they have been known to take goods from wealthy merchant vessels, they are usually “gracious” enough to leave some of their junkworks as payment. Whatever else may be said about them, the one thing that’s certain is that their craftsmanship is unmatched.