Age: 22

Race: Human

Affiliation: Nemesis

Status: Henchman

Specialty: Dirty Work

After being adopted by a wealthy family in their youth, the Skiver twins were disowned in adolescence for "reckless and shameful behavior". Because of their background, they were obsessed with life’s “finer things”, and for years feverishly sought a way to regain their former wealth and prestige.

After a chance encounter with Nazarus, whose mention of acquiring world-shaking power sent their minds reeling with possibilities, the twins found their new calling in life as members of Nemesis. It has become their job to handle tasks "too messy" for Nazarus himself, such as theft, blackmail, sabotage, and torture.

Sven is the more outwardly vicious of the pair, showing a passion and zeal for killing that can only be classified as dementia. In close combat, her speed and accuracy with a rapier enables her to strike vital organs before most enemies can even think to defend or counter. She is also fond of poisons and explosives, for when she wants to make an opponent suffer or completely destroy a target.

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