The people of Planet M come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and personalities. There are 10 sentient races, in addition to a great variety of plants and animals. The humans and beastfolk make up the largest groups and are the most widely spread. The Elves have considerable numbers but are often reclusive, and aren't seen unless they want to be. The Lillia mostly make their home in the Urban Coil, an abandoned underground Laconian infrastructure.

The Jotuns are a rare find, said to live in the secret subterranean community of Jotunheim. The Automata can be found scattered all over the world, attending to various kinds of labor or collecting information for their archives. The Elementals live in the regions where their own innate ethers gather, most often far from the rest of civilization. The Ibeni are almost exclusively found in the Dreaming, where they roam in their ethereal forms. The Harken and the Phaedrians are known as the "lost races", not seen in the world since the collapses of their civilizations.

People of like mind have gathered to form many different factions, such as national governments, religious sects, tribal clans, terrorist groups, business corporations, or private military companies. Each group has its own agenda, and often what's good for one is bad for another, leading to arguments, skirmishes, or even full-scale wars. Other groups have also formed in response to these conflicts, such as the Knights Foundation and the Church of Zoroa, which are dedicated to preserving the peace...