The Traders Guild is a network of financial groups, private entrepreneurs, and small-time peddlers, incorporated for the mutual benefit of all involved. All registered parties draw from the collaborative resources of the organization, in exchange for a percentage of profits earned. The Guild is highly influential throughout the world, having a hand in just about every market. Its chairmen claim to regulate the flow of commerce by altering supply and demand throughout the world as they see fit, but most people believe this to be self-promoting propaganda.

Still, there is hardly an exchange of goods that takes place that is not in some way routed through the Guild's many channels. A centerpoint of their operations, and a symbol of their wealth, is their famous Flying Casino, an ostentatious airship which from a distance appears to be made entirely of precious metals and gems. Quite the large and ungainly vessel, it is considered a miracle that it can even fly, let alone travel along a world circuit. People from all nations look forward to its arrival once every year, at which time they board to indulge in numerous escapes, such as gambling and on-board amusement parks.