Age: 18

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: WOLF

Status: 3rd Year Knight

Specialty: Ranged Combat

Will Ramses was one of the more well-known students at the Knights Academy, for excellence in academics and in the field, and for his natural charisma. Teachers and administrators both sang his praises. But when Nazarus left the academy, Will changed completely.

Nazarus had been his closest friend despite their difference in ages. Will looked up to him, and even though their relationship was also one of teacher and student, they interacted as equals. In the four years since Nazarus's betrayal, Will has become distant, burying himself in his work. His single-minded determination now is to face off against his former mentor, and put an end to his sinister ambitions.

Will has an intuitive understanding of firearms. He has incredible accuracy as a marksman, can assemble practically any type of gun from parts on the fly, disassemble one instantly in close-combat, or retool them in innovative ways. He has been given the nickname "One-Man Arsenal".