Age: 3000?

Race: Phaedrian

Affiliations: Holy Kingdom of Windgrace, Church of Zoroa

Status: Lord Magistrate

Specialties: Mastery of All Magic, Eternal Life, Divine Transcendence

Zoroa is the Lord Magistrate of the Holy Kingdom of Windgrace, and also a divine figurehead for many people across Planet M. Legends state that when the world was dominated by the Harken, Zoroa descended from the heavens at the head of the Phaedrians, judging the Harken and ending their wicked reign. He then established Holy Kingdom, and human civilization began to thrive.

Out of his worship rose the Church of Zoroa, which has since become the most powerful religious authority on the planet. For skeptics, he is little more than a myth, but regardless of whether or not one believes in him, there is no dispute over his awesome legacy.