I am a 4th generation Philadelphian, writer, dreamer, and abolitionist, researching and organizing at intersections of land, food, and environmental justice. I see abolition as the breaching of enclosure — schools, prisons, labor, race, gender, family, all the way to the borders of the nation-state — to liberate bodies, cultures, knowledges, resources, and energies, across space and time, along collectively self-determined pathways. I work to engage communities in shared struggle, mutual support, freedom dreaming, and the coproduction of knowledge, resources, and space, whether in research, organizing, or the larger project of world-making.

I am particularly interested in building hyperlocal networks of material solidarity, as a alternative form of economy — that is, how we relate to each other and the land. I want to explore how these arrangements might be scaled up to build the social, political, and material infrastructure for dual power, as a strategy for resistance and resilience against the intersecting and emergent crises of capitalism.

While my commitment to changing this world occupies most of my time and energy, I am also a speculative fiction writer, gradually pecking away at my first novel — UNTIL THE MONSTERS COME — a story about kids, trauma, and parallel worlds. I believe speculative fiction creates spaces where high ideals can thrive in opposition to the injustice in our everyday lives. It offers a critique of reality, a projection of our hopes for what the world could be, or our fears of how it might end up. I write to exert a creative force upon the world, an equal and opposite reaction against domination, and to escape the gravity of the status quo. Forever a dreamer, I gaze toward the singularity, where imagination and collective will converge to create the reality we all deserve.