About Me

I am a 4th generation Philadelphian, and longtime educator. As a teacher, I came to understand how schools reproduce relations of domination, manifest in systems of extraction, exploitation, surveillance, social control, and state violence. My Master’s research examined the different forms of enclosure: the physical, digital, and sociopolitical infrastructures placed between people and land, tying up our labor, polluting our environments, disrupting ecosystems, driving desperate migrations, and fueling the climate crisis. The convergence — and endpoint — of my education research and teaching experience was a newly minted identity as a school abolitionist. My understanding of abolition — as the dissolution of enclosure — now expands beyond schools, to all systems of extraction and exploitation, from prisons to labor, all the way to the nation-state itself.

All of my work is now situated at the intersections of land, food, and environmental justice, where I seek to engage with communities in shared struggle, mutual support, freedom dreaming, and building power together. I am a firm believer in participatory methods and the collective construction of knowledge, whether in research, organizing, or the larger project of world-building. I seek to cultivate new and better relationships between people and planet, toward the goals of environmental regeneration, community self-determination, and ultimately, liberation.

While my commitment to changing this world occupies most of my time and energy, I have also long been a fiction writer, gradually pecking away at my first novel — UNTIL THE MONSTERS COME — a story about kids, trauma, and parallel worlds. I believe speculative fiction creates spaces where high ideals can thrive in opposition to the injustice in our everyday lives. And really, what is speculative fiction if not a critique of reality – a projection of our hopes for what the world could be, or our fears of how it might end up? I write to exert a creative force upon the world, an equal and opposite reaction against domination, and to escape the gravity of the status quo. Forever a dreamer, I gaze toward the singularity, where imagination and collective will converge to create the reality we all deserve…