As a writer, I am fascinated with how media – particularly speculative fiction – informs and is itself informed by culture and society. Science Fiction and Fantasy create spaces where high ideals can thrive in opposition to the injustice in our everyday lives. And really, what is speculative fiction if not a critique of society – of our very reality – and a projection of our hopes for what the world could be, our fears of how it might end up?

Speculative fiction has an inherently radical character. I want to join the groundswell of writers bringing more “unconventional” characters and issues into spaces from which they’ve mostly been excluded. In awe of a medium for which the vast majority of the world’s population is considered unconventional.

I feel like the genre is standing at a precipice. It will either plunge headfirst into the glorious unknown, or…tumble backwards and break its neck. For my part, I want to prod, and poke, and push it into the abyss of imagination. Where countless new stories lie untold. And not every hero looks like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

In my writer’s life, I try to represent, advocate for, and empower those who feel—and truly are—marginalized. I am critical of systems that privilege some at the expense of others. When certain bodies are devalued and dehumanized, marked for consumption and/or destruction, this is not merely a philosophical position, but a matter of survival.