I am fascinated with how media informs and is itself informed by culture and society. Speculative fiction creates spaces where high ideals can thrive in opposition to the injustice in our everyday lives. And really, what is speculative fiction if not a critique of society – of our very reality – and a projection of our hopes for what the world could be, or our fears of how it might end up? I write to exert a creative force upon the world. To activate, enhance, and provoke ways of thinking and being that push back against the inertia of oppression, and to escape the gravity of the status quo.


I’ve been involved in education for two decades, as a mentor, coach, tutor,  classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and community educator. Ever since I was a kid myself, I’ve had this orientation towards justice, what’s “right” or “fair”. I never accepted the adage “life is unfair”. Not uncritically. Because why can’t it be fair? This orientation pushed me to think about justice, and the different dynamics of power in society.

Understanding how schools can reproduce oppression along multiple axes, including race, gender, and class, has led me to explore alternative formations — including place-based education and participatory action research — toward a practice of liberation. Working collectively with young people, in a more lateral power dynamic (as opposed to the hierarchy of schools) I am reimagining the ways we can engage in the co-construction of knowledge, shared struggle, mutual support, and building community.


I dream toward the singularity, when time and space converge, where collective will and reality are one. When and where the world we want is no longer aspirational, but simply is. In that this vanishing point always lies ahead, my work will never end.