Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


  • Philadelphia STEM Education for Sustainability Initiative (2021 – Present) | Project Coordinator
  • Wild School @ FDR Park (2021 – Present) | Co-Director/Facilitator
  • Philadelphia Orchard Project (2020 – Present) | Orchard Intern
  • School District of Philadelphia (2018 – 2020) | Middle & High School Science Teacher
  • Austin Independent School District (2014 – 2017) | Middle & High School Science Teacher
  • COSEBOC (2011-2012) | Sankofa Passages Mentor


  • Earthseed Project (in progress) — An education/community organizing program designed to build community, share knowledge, and work toward collective liberation. Using participatory action research (PAR), land-based learning, and collective narrative, the project examines issues of land, food, and environmental justice through an explicit racial and socioeconomic lens.
  • From the Schoolhouse to the Field: Toward the Abolition of Enclosure and an Education for Liberation (in progress) — Master’s thesis examining how schooling reproduces various forms of enclosure (space, time, community, body, mind, knowledge, life) to maintain relations of domination; draws upon the continuum of Black and Indigenous resistance to formulate an intervention into education and organizing
  • Until the Monsters Come (in progress) — a dreampunk novel about kids, trauma, and parallel worlds.
  • Climate Change PAR Project (2020) — transdisciplinary participatory action research project examining the local impacts of climate change, disparities between communities steeped in a continuum of racism and discriminatory policy. Coordinated with external partners to host a climate panel, various workshops, and activities.
  • Mendez Middle School Student Union (2016–2017) — Repurposed student council into a representative student government model, using a combination of restorative practices and design thinking to cultivate and grow student voice and agency.
  • Blended Learning Science Classroom (2016–2017) — Developed and implemented a classroom model wherein students engage with content in a variety of ways, and at different paces, with an emphasis on technology integration.
  • Action Research: Toward a Culturally Responsive Science Classroom (2016–2017) — Researched and implemented various culturally responsive practices, such as explicit communication of high expectations, student-centered instruction through blended learning. Used restorative circles and a survey instrument to measure student classroom culture and climate, and student self- efficacy, and to solicit and act on student input into their own learning experience.
  • Austin ISD Secondary Science Curriculum (2016–2017) — Developed new inquiry-based lessons, labs, and activities, aligned with Texas standards and Next Generation Science Standards.


  • Food Policy Advisory Council (2021–Present)
  • Training for Impact Cohort (2021) | Climate Advocacy Lab
  • Critical Participatory Action Research Intensive (2021) | Public Science Project
  • Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective (2020–Present)
  • Philadelphia Writing Project (2019) | Invitational Summer Institute
  • Scientist in Residence Program (2016–2017) | University of Texas Environmental Science Institute
  • NAPE Micromessaging Cohort (2016–2017) | Austin ISD
  • Cultural Proficiency Capacity Building Cohort (2016–2017) | Austin ISD
  • Science Technology Integration Cohort (2016–2017) | Austin ISD



  • Beyond the Pale: A Case Against Schools and for Community Education
    • Graduate School Conference on the Philosophy of Education (GSCOPE), May 2021
  • Developing a Theory of Change to Drive Your Backbone Operations
    • Community Impact Action Summit, April 2021
  • From Chronos to Kairos
    • Americorps VISTA/PHENND, April 2021
  • Education for Sustainability
    • PHENND Sustainability Launch, February 2021
  • EdTech, Big Data, and Surveillance
    • CT21 (Critical Theories in Education), WCUPA, November 2020
    • Celebration of Writing and Literacy, PhilWP/PennGSE, October 2020
  • Centering Authentic Community Engagement
    • (Re)Teach Education for Liberation Conference, St. Andrews Episcopal School, May 2017
  • Empowering Student Voice
    • (Re)Teach Education for Liberation Conference, St. Andrews Episcopal School, May 2017
  • Toward a Culturally Responsive Classroom
    • ASMX Conference, St. Edward’s University, August 2017
  • Blended Learning in a Science Classroom
    • Tech Tools for Tomorrow and the Next Day, SHRC, February 2017
    • Blended Learning Summit, Reagan High School, May 2017
    • ASMX Conference, St. Edward’s University, August 2017


  • M.S. — Transformative Education and Social Change (in progress) | West Chester University of PA
  • B.A. — Religion and Anthropology (2007) | Temple University


  • General Science, Grades 4-12
  • English/Language Arts, Grades 7-12
  • English as a Second Language, Grades K-12