Introducing Earthseed: An Abolitionist Framework for Community Education and Organizing

The Earthseed Framework uses place-based participatory-action research, land-based learning, and collective narrative to examine issues of land, food, and environmental justice, through an explicit racial and socioeconomic lens. What proceeds below is the the initial sketch for such the framework and the rationale behind it: to resist the physical and ideological enclosures which dilute the ... Read More

Moving Toward a Red, Black, and Green Ecology

In discussing various Red and Black pedagogies of resistance some common themes emerge. Where education is anchored to the practical experience of living, it rejects the alienation of learning and labor. Centering Black and Indigenous health, safety, and wellness — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — in recognition of our common humanity, rejects enclosures of the ... Read More

Black Pedagogies: From Emancipation to Self-Determination

The most radical incarnation of fugitivity in this case would be the total rejection of the school. Higher school dropout rates amongst Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth are most often pathologized, as character flaws or cultural deficits, but within the context of schooling as domination, dropping out of school amounts to an act of refusal ... Read More

Struggles Against Enclosure: Black and Indigenous Pedagogies of Resistance

For both Black and Indigenous people, there have been tensions between the cultural and the political, manufactured by State and Capital in order to disrupt our collective lifeways and to continue the project of settler colonial capitalist exploitation and domination. From these tensions emerge practices of cultural recognition as an end in itself, as with ... Read More