A few years ago, while still working for the Knights Academy, Nazarus began to piece together a plan of unimaginable scope, one that if realized would irrevocably change the world itself. To fulfill his ambitions, he knew that he needed help, and so he started to recruit people from all walks of life and all areas of expertise. Thus was the radical faction known as "Nemesis" founded.

By the time Nazarus betrayed the Academy, the members of Nemesis numbered in the thousands, although they had operated beneath the radar. Some members were drawn by the promise of revolution, others by his uncanny charisma, and still others by their own self-serving ambitions which could be nestled within Nazarus's greater plan.

Although the exact numbers are unknown, it is said that Nemesis is now the largest non-government organization in the world. It is recognized as one of the foremost threats to international security, and a collaborative effort between many nations has been initiated to capture or eliminate all of its members.