Capital Accumulation, Social Control, and the Enclosure of Learning and Labor

Teachers and students suffer mutual alienation. Students, because schools enclose communities and internally divide students from one another through individualism and competition. Teachers, meanwhile, become invisible, less identifiable as people, so much as agents of the institution. This is analogous to how white people are positioned as agents of white supremacy, which dissolves them into ... Read More

Native Assimilation, Black Subordination, and the Enclosure of Knowledge

White settlers, in viewing Black and Indigenous people as inferior, took distinct approaches to the two populations. For Black folx, the educational project was about subordination, a frequently reinforced reminder that we should be subordinate to white dominance, both as laborers, and as infantilized charges. The northern missionaries saw themselves as doing “God’s work“ by ... Read More

Regulation, Commodification, and the Enclosure of the Body

From the slave ship to the auction block, Black bodies have been commodified for their capacity for labor, while at the same time regarded as the excess of production. Where the value of enslaved people was assigned based on their capacity for labor, the parts of the body not strictly necessary for work were deemed ... Read More

Individualism, Alienation, and the Enclosure of Community

Individualism — the orientation that one is responsible for and accountable only to themselves, and that all achievements or failures are the products of one’s own will and work — conflicts with the inherent human need to form community. But this is reconciled by the individual collapsing the “other” into the self. Whiteness achieves this ... Read More

Dispossession, Discontinuity, and the Enclosure of Space and Time

Within the educational context, this space-time enclosure is the reinforcement of “students as regulated subjects” — the division of the day’s labor into discrete blocks of time within which only certain activities can be performed, certain subjects learned. When we consider the imbrication of the time and space enclosures — students forced into particular spaces at ... Read More

From Enclosure to Abolition: An Introduction

Education has long been touted as an equalizing force, the path to opportunity in a sometimes unfair, but fundamentally just USAmerican meritocracy. Education is the key, the idea goes, for one to rise above their circumstances. But this a myth, as demonstrated by centuries of inequitable life trajectories for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, with ... Read More

North Philly Peace Park and the Continuum of Black Struggle

All the things that North Philly Peace Park is, and will become, are part of a continuum of collective dreaming, striving, and will toward self-determination: the heart of all Black struggle. The life of Black people in this country has always been defined by the tension between our demand for sovereignty, and the violent refusal ... Read More

ADHD, Organizing, and the Tensions of Hunter’s Mind

Hunter's Mind — or ADHD if you must — allows me to glimpse both the underlying systems that reinforce domination, and the ley lines along which alternative lifeways might be built. The utter soup that is my mind under capitalism requires serious organizational structure in order to even function. And so my thoughts naturally gravitate toward ... Read More

The Cynical Manipulations of the Gatekeeper

Even as he writes books laying out the "solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need", Bill Gates's cynicism prevents him from actually believing any of it. He would seem to be preparing for inevitable disaster, and in his arrogance, would situate himself as an arbiter of life and death.

From COVID to Climate Change: Herd Immunity vs. Institutional Distrust

Whatever technologies, models, and organizational structures we develop, to orient ourselves toward social and economic justice, we must also make space for the unwilling and the unable to be independent, self-determined, and safe. This means insulating them against the violent death throes of our system of capitalism, white supremacy, and imperialism, as we replace it ... Read More