Thomas Jefferson is the Founding Father of White Supremacy

When you hear the name Thomas Jefferson, it is likely followed by "founding father", "hero", "patriot", and other such reverent terms. But he should also be considered one of the Founding Fathers of white supremacy. Nearly every white supremacist idea, claim, or rationale, can be found in Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia…

Flexuality: Elastic Sexual Norms in the Work of Octavia Butler

An examination of how Butler challenges sexual norms, from the incest taboo in the Patternist series, to interspecies sex in the Lilith’s Brood trilogy, to pedophilia and rape in Fledgling, and arguably all three of these in her short story Bloodchild. These stories show us how norms, particularly sexual ones, are flexible between worlds, cultures, ... Read More

Mexican Superman: Forged in the Crucible of White Supremacy

The obvious reason for more diversity and inclusion in comics is to allow marginalized people to better identify with the characters. Superheroes are more interesting for being more human, for having trauma, hardship, and conflict. To the great extent that white folks - particularly cisgendered heterosexual men - have privilege and power, it further insulates ... Read More