Age: 17

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: TIGER

Status: 2nd Year Knight

Specialties: Martial Arts, Spirit Magic

Although still possessing the fire of youth, Sid has become calmer, more mature, and more disciplined since his years as a cadet. Breaking the "13 year curse" of forever short and slight stature, he has also grown a little taller and much stockier, his broad shoulders and advanced muscle tone making him the target of many female knights. Sid, however, is completely oblivious to their advances, too focused on further mental and physical self-improvement.

Sid is best known for his speed, athleticism, and ability to improvise to make the best of any combat situation. His lightning reflexes mean his opponents never get the jump on him. When using martial arts he enters an almost trance-like state, drawing upon an inner strength known as N'um, which makes even the most complex manuevers seem like second nature. In his Knight years, he has been learning to master the powers of chi and ki, adding spirit magic to his already formidable arsenal of close-combat maneuvers.