Age: 19

Race: Human

Affiliation: Knights Academy

House: EAGLE

Status: 1st Year Savant

Specialties: Espionage, Sabotage, Mastery of Explosives

Gabriel, referred to by most as "Swift", is a highly skilled Knight, achieved top ranks in both technical expertise and mission success percentage. After becoming a Knight-Savant, he has become as covert with his thoughts and feelings as he is in his missions. He no longer speaks of personal matters or private interests, outwardly a man who lives only for his job. This translates into an incredible efficiency and reliability that the Knights would be lost without. He rarely participates in field exercises anymore, feeling that he is more useful as an intelligence expert.

Swift is an expert in the use of various explosive devices - designing them, building them, planting them, throwing them, or even disabling them. There is hardly a grenade, bomb, or mine that Swift hasn't handled. But since explosives can be a bit messy, he has also mastered the use of a laser whip, good for medium and long-ranged fighting. When not engaged in combat, Swift is very skilled in gathering intelligence.