Age: 11

Race: Elemental (Water-Born)

Affiliation: Nemesis

Status: N/A

Specialty: Hydrokinesis

Aqua is a what is known as a "Water-Born", a metahuman who is a direct descendant of Undine, the Elemental of Water. For unknown reasons she appeared with Blaze, who has taken on the role of her older brother, to participate in a series of destructive acts all throughout Laconia. There is a sadness in her eyes that may never be understood, because whatever tragic situation brought them together has also taken away from Aqua her ability to speak. She relies on Blaze to speak for her, and trusts him to make decisions as to what's best for both of them.

As her name suggests, Aqua has the ability to control and manipulate water. She can move it with her mind, change it between any of its three states in an instant, or even alter its pressure. While she is not prone to using her power to harm others, she has an unwavering loyalty to Blaze, and with little more than a gesture from him she’ll unleash her full power. With little more than a thought, she can summon a giant tidal wave to crush her enemies and wash away their remains without a trace...